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Japan’s number of golf courses is the second in the world. The world’s most beautiful golf courses, three golf courses from Japan, entered the top 100.We have operated Japan’s largest golf club for over 10 years. In addition,we run golf tournament more than 30 people four times a week. we have confidence in consultation of desired course.


Japan’s medical care is at the top level in the world.Japan is  the top in the world in cancer prevention and surgery, and according to one study, the mortality rate for removal of liver tumors is 5% in the United States versus half in Japan. We have partnered with a well-known hospital from medical checkup to the beauty department and will assist you while interpreting your exam.


Guide to sightseeing spots where you want to go on domestic / overseas trips such as topical events, gourmet events,and shopping guide and Japanese night cultural. We have guides that are good at each field, so we will do our best to make it easy for our customers to enjoy.